Hwy 167 from Henderson, Nevada reveals contrasting geological formations when approaching Valley of Fire State Park, Overton, Nevada.
Imposing mountain face slowly releases water along the Icefields Parkway, Highway 93, Alberta
Stone Eagle Golf Course supplants the desert landscape, sitting atop the southern hills of Palm Desert, California.
Two solid mountains push and divide to frame the picturesque Icefields Parkway drive between Banff and Jasper in Alberta.
A lone altocumulus cloud at sunset hovers above the local mountains in Palm Springs, CA.
In Death Valley, a strewn and warped geological mass stands guard and salutes towards Badwater Basin, the lowest point of elevation in North America.
A Sailplane trip over picturesque Pemberton Valley in British Columbia reveals this stunning glacier slowly receding above Joffrey Lakes.
Surrounded by snow capped mountains and glaciers, the winter's freeze gives way to streams along Icefields Parkway, Alberta.
Atop a mountain and lodged in a rock bed, this stunted fir survives in a harsh setting on Cypress Mountain, Vancouver, B.C.
A light dusting of snow collects in a crevice and accentuates the ochre land dotted with desert plants in Death Valley National Park, California, USA.
Erosion in northern Death Valley reveal geological textures around Ubehebe Crater.
A crater evidences the impact of a collision. Erosion magnifies the geological mounds in this sweeping landmass in the Northern Mojave desert.
Two hikers climb an expansive rise in Death Valley National Park, California.
Late afternoon sun highlights a lone brush in the Mojave Desert, Death Valley National Park.
Late afternoon light around Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley illuminates the rolling landscape.
A foggy morning row into quiet coves of Desolation Sound, B.C.
Sailing and power boats seek shelter in one of many coves in Desolation Sound, British Columbia
An old growth stump beached on the coastline of British Columbia in Desolation Sound.
Choppy water and massive cloud accumulation portends a threatening storm forcing sailboats to seek safe harbor.
Large cumulus clouds drifting over sand dunes in Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Utah.
Geology and erosion leave behind surreal rock faces in Red Rock Canyon State Park, California.
Erosion of sandstone in Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona reveals a multi-layered strata in hoodoo shapes.
Petrified tree logs lay as they fell some 225 million years ago in The Painted Desert, Arizona.
Unique sandstone folds create a rippled pathway to a boldered promontory in Valley of Fire State Park, Overton, Nevada, USA
A bank of stray clouds float above the desert landscape.
Jurassic period sandstone remains in bright red Aztec are prevalent in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.
Hwy 167 from Henderson, Nevada reveals contrasting geological formations when approaching Valley of Fire State Park, Overton, Nevada.
A storm threatens while hiking in Sedona in February
Coastal waters in San Josef Bay, northwestern Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
M.Gurr Lake, a wilderness lake outside of Hagensborg, Bella Coola Valley, British Columbia
Looking down into Farwell Canyon on a Fall day. Poplar trees bursting with color contrast with the aqua-grey colored Chilcotin River carving a path along the canyon floor.
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